How to reach Japanese Readers

1:We write articles about your product.

We write articles about your product in Japanese.

The product categories we review can be hardware, software, web services, SaaS, videos, or food, etc.

And our articles use not only text but also photos and movies. So readers can simulate an experience of using your product when they read the article. That’s why our article can also be used as a Japanese tutorial.

Examples of past works are following;



If you want to see other works Click here.

You can insert a link to your website or shopping site at the end of the article. This means that your potential users will visit your website when they understand and are interested in your product.

2:How the article appeal in our website.

After publishing, the thumbnail of the article show top on our website.

◆Position of thumbnails

3:You can use our article eternally.

Once the article posted are archived and will not be deleted.
Almost all advertorials of other medias are published for a limited time, but our articles have no time limit. So it can be inflow source on search engine forever.

This makes a big difference in the long run.

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